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Ma Petite Cherie

Eloquent experiences for kids in Kiama

At Ma Petite Cherie, we bring boutique moments, Parisian pamper parties and tasteful events to children (and adults) in a stunning setting. Translated in English, meaning my little sweetheart, we exist to offer custom chic experiences for your 4-15 year old loved ones, and adults.

Our children’s event space in Kiama provides precious memories for birthdays, special occasions and creative activities for the school holidays. And our adult event space provides and elegant and beautiful session for your special event.

Induct your little girl into the world of French elegance with us through spa, high tea, canvas painting, cupcakes, jewellery, slime making, and Paris inspired interiors. Our services also extend to the community of Kiama, with baby showers, club gatherings, and hen parties filled with sophistication.

Ma Petite Cherie makes your daughter’s birthday magical, addresses your inner urge to feel special and is your go to haven for premium pampering.

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Our vision

We endeavour to create lasting memories for your children by hosting beautifully bespoke French inspired children’s spa parties and high tea experiences, with an exquisite arrangement of delectable food and beverages.

Our story

Born out of a limitation of options for childcare in Kiama, and activities during the holiday season, Ma Petite Cherie began. With the local area being filled with eating-out spaces and indoor play centres, our founder felt an urgent need had to be addressed; young girls deserved to be pampered.

With fond memories of having high tea and connecting with her grandmother when younger, she based Ma Petite Cherie on her past experiences. When Tammie started designing the space, it led to a beautiful setting for adults as well, and so adult high tea experiences and Mummy and Me sessions evolved. Inspired by the elegance of famous French soirees, she created a space that was urban and chic, letting girls fulfil their Parisian dreams, and adults too. Today Ma Petite Cherie is an exclusive space for girls and women to celebrate, rejuvenate and bond with their best buddies.

Why host your next party with us?

Do you remember your childhood?

If you’re like us, many memories may come flooding to your mind. A lot of them might be from birthday parties or hangouts with friends. Just like your fun times, no doubt you want your sweethearts to feel special by going the extra distance and treat them like a princess. At Ma Petite Cherie, we help you go out the way with bespoke Parisian parties for children and adults in Kiama, NSW.

So, why you should host your next party with us? Our opulent Parisian themed boutique serves more benefits than just a classy interior. You get:

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We serve as an alternative place of rejuvenation and provide a different bonding experience compared to the coastal filled cafes, soft plays and bars of Kiama. We’re a perfect place for activities in the holidays, birthdays or if you just need a relaxing time away. 

  • Our founder has spent a long time hosting parties and events, and she knows what it takes to make them memorable. Every decoration, furniture, accessory and party in Ma Petite Cherie has been handpicked or curated to give you an elegant experience in an intimate setting

While there are many spas and salons in Kiama, there’s little in the market catered to children. In our children’s spa, we have tailor made basins, stools and gifts that are the right fit for little ones. Our treatments consist of natural ingredients, and our food is freshly made to appeal to their taste buds.

We save you time organizing parties by having stunning table set ups and activities ready for you, your child and your friends as soon as you enter. Upon booking, we plan and decorate your event according to what you want to have planned. We organize the food, gifts and experiences, saving you time from planning and running around doing last minute errands.

All children, no matter the party, can take what they’ve made home as a souvenir of their experience. Whether it’s slime, jewellery making, cake decorating or painting, they’ll have something to hold on to afterwards

Our activities have been specifically designed to increase social engagement among your children. High tea, in particular, allows them to learn important life skills on how to talk to other children and behave in formal settings. Moreover, if you don’t have any other children, high tea teaches how to share and take turns. 

Our tea parties, cupcake decorating, painting and jewellery making help develop their motor skills due to handling small objects. They also teach them good manners, allowing them how to behave and the right things to say. 

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